The Reece Pacheco Effect


So I’m just going to throw it out there. Reece is good at what he does. What exactly does he do? Run shit. is an amazing product and he helps run a team that is one of the hottest startups in the tech scene. But the aforementioned “shit” that he runs is much more than that. Reece is a machine when it comes to networking and connecting with people. 

Will Washburn (@willwashburn) and I attended high school with Reece and connected with him a few weeks ago. A little bit of his plaid magic rubbed off on us and we have both majorly stepped up our networking game and contacts. While we both probably realized the importance of networking, Reece leads by example. It seems like he knows everyone and whomever we meet who knows him acknowledges, “ya Reece is the man at reaching out and connecting with people.” Business is relationship based and in this case, Reece is definitely #winning. 

So how does Reece do this? This is how I see it:

  1. Quick and timely responses. Any time I’ve tweeted @ or emailed Reece, his response time is 30 mins of less. That in itself is impressive.

  2. He regularly blogs and posts comments on relevant blogs. In this instance, he has quickly become a source of trusted knowledge in the tech scene. His name is recognizable by the simple fact that his name is seen in many different places.

  3. He follows up. Meeting someone is the easy first step. The bigger step is staying in touch and finding relevant talking points to keep the conversation going.

  4. His personal brand is well established. Look at the guys LinkedIn profile. Every position he has worked at he has a personal recommendation from someone. This may not seem like a lot but its still a small thing that gives tangible evidence that he has people that will vouch for him and gives more positive evidence.

  5. He helps up and comers. Example #1 Will and I. We are just getting our feet wet in the tech world, and he has leveraged his contacts to put us in contact with great people who have helped us tremendously already. This is something that not everyone would do and takes considerable effort on his part. 

I think everyone can take a page out Reece’s book and be a little bit more social and up their personal brand. It goes a long way as Will and I have experienced ever since meeting with Reece.

Oh, and you should probably go buy some plaid as well. Follow him on twitter @reecepacheco.

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