Moving/Turkey Sandwiches

Been a crazy hectic week. @willwashburn and I were seriously toying with being homeless ( But in the end we decided that wouldn’t be the smartest move so we finally found a place last Saturday and this week has been a whirlwind of packing, moving, and paying large deposits to secure a deposit.

What does it leave me with now? No money, my stuff in 3 separate places (Girlfriends, new place, old place) and me living out of a suitcase and eating cold turkey sandwiches every day because I can’t go shopping yet. Only reason I have time to blog now is that I’m waiting on the Cable guy to install Internet.

Am I complaining? Hell no! We were considering being homeless. This will work out for the better and after this week things will all be gravy. With that being said, I’m hungry, where is my turkey sandwich?


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