I Wont Be Discouraged

I’ve read and heard a few times this recommendation: oh you don’t want to do that, because its a really tough road. For example, a startup - 

“I wouldn’t recommend trying to start your own company because its a tough life and most fail anyway.”

“The space is too crowded, you won’t succeed”

The list goes on, but most things that are worth doing have a tough road to them. When I played basketball some said that “everyone plays basketball, the chances that you make it to the NBA are slim to none.” Luckily that didn’t discourage me and my working hard at basketball enabled me to get a free high school and college education. Believing in something and working hard at it is enough of a reward in itself for me. That is why I won’t be discouraged when I hear doubt or skepticism. Often times the process is the most fulfilling aspect.

Say I start my own company and I do fail. What I learned in the process and gained from the experience would probably be more than enough to make it worth it. The same way I gained a lot from continuing to play basketball I will learn and gain from starting my own company.

100% believing in something and pursuing it is the only way to live, in my opinion.

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