Ever notice if you email someone high up within a company or someone “important” their emails are usually especially brief? Well, imagine how many emails they get, from peons like us. No one wants to read long text anyway. When I read the news, I wish I had the time to read the entirety of the article, but usually find myself skimming the article to get the gist or main point. Unless its something I’m realllllly interested in. 

There is a certain power of words if said the right way. I actually think I do an OK job of this in person but when I write tend to say things in a roundabout way, or be repetitive, and say things two or three ways when I could of….wait…

If I’m emailing someone important I try to space out the email so its written in short burst and the sentences are easily distinguished from each other. I write it how I would write it at first then see what I’m trying to say then distill it down.

KISS - Keep It Short Silly

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