Things Usually Dont Go According to Plan

“Failing to plan, is planning to fail”

But I’ve learned that you can plan until you’re black and blue in the face, but very rarely do things go accordingly to plan. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have a plan, but being able to adapt and adjust is near essential. Having a framework aka plan to fall back on just makes the whole process easier. 

My original “plan” when I decided to go to Cornell to play basketball was to play overseas afterwards then get a “normal” job. Little did I know that my basketball career would only last for a season and a half and I would be rehabbing from a serious injury for the rest of my career. With my hoop dreams dashed, I had to move on to phase two of my “plan” which was getting a normal job. That didn’t exactly go according to plan either, but I’ll cover that in another blog post.

Our (Will & I) original plan for Social Blendr was to get people together by throwing events and match up people who we think would be a good fit. The plan was to throw a big boat party to get some users and go from there. So we ran around, trying to get people to come, selling tickets, and preparing everything for the party. In short it was wayyy too much work. Somehow we pulled it off and people had a good time but it reminded me of being Senior class president and planning our high school prom. In short, not cool and definitely not scaleable.

We realized throwing events was too much work and that when people didn’t know everyone there it was kind of awkward at the beginning of the party. That was version 1.0. For the record we are on version 5.0 at this point. Obviously things did not go according to plan after all we’ve been through, I think Will and I are nimble to handle it.

These are just two examples of things not going according to plan and that is a part of life. Expect the unexpected. Learn from what happens and move on with that knowledge. I think because we have done that with Social Blendr, eventually we will find success.

So what’s the plan now? Simple: to keep learning and doing and go from there.

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