May Challenge Back to Blogging

Will Washburn ( proposed an interesting idea for the month of May. Between the two of us, one of us has to blog every day.

It will help put pressure on us to put our thoughts and opinions out there and will be a healthy challenge and some extra motivation to stay active on our blogs. This is sort of similar to our internal Tweet challenge (minimum of 6 tweets a day) that Will and I waged a few months ago inspired by Reece Pacheco.

I’ve realized that looking at my blog versus others, that I am fairly conservative and don’t express my true opinions. Well F that, it’s about to get real. I don’t know what I’m going to write about but whatever the case, it shall be interesting.

So hope you enjoy, follow me on twitter (@khaliqgant) and all that good stuff and look forward to sharing my opinions with you.

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