On the Move

This past August I moved again with my wife (we got married a year ago) from Oslo to Paris. Do I speak French? No….but I’m working on it! I do want to keep up my Norwegian since we have plans on going back to Oslo but the French in general don’t speak English as well as the Norwegians (source) do so I’m going to focus on my French.

I’m still with Vector Media Group and my role has transitioned from Head of Development, Norway to Head of Development, Europe and I’m looking to expand our operations into Europe in general and will try to make some progress in France in particular. We have some really great clients in Norway and I’m really proud of the progress we have made there.

It was a busy but productive year as had to prepare for the move, I traveled quite a bit speaking at conferences in both Lille, France and Nashville, Tennessee and the Take Off Conference and EE Conference respectively. This coming year I am really looking forward to being an instructor at the Institute of Code which should be an amazing experience. 

We plan on being in Paris for three years which I like to call three years of vacation, because living in Paris is kind of like a dream. Of course there are challenges - making a network, learning how to navigate French culture with limited French language skills and in general adjusting to a new place. That being said, we live very close to the Eiffel tower, are a short bike ride to the city center and can have delicious baguettes any day we want. So, so far so good 😀🥖.

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