Life Is All About Outlook

I’ve always said that life is all about being mentally tough. It’s not what happens to you, but how you respond to it. Internal affects the external and so on. 

So the TL;DR version of this post is get your mind right because it affects what happens to you.

I noticed this really is evident when I do a few things, 1) go out and 2) tried to make a sale.

  • Going Out Friday night, I’ve had a long week. I don’t realllly want to go out, but my friends are stressing me and convinced me to come out for a drink. I’m not happy about it and would rather go to sleep. I get to the bar, bartenders seem to be ignoring me, I’m getting drinks spilled on me, and apparently my feet seem to be part of the walkway because they keep getting stepped on. WTF, it’s one of those nights. It’s like everyone can tell that I don’t want to be out and are straight disrespecting me. Now it’s never too late to turn it around and get in a better mood, but the bad vibes I’m putting out aren’t helping and other people seem to be able to notice it. 
  • Making A Sale I sold wine not too long ago and some days I just wasn’t feeling it. Maybe I didn’t get enough sleep or whatever. Those days it was near impossible to make the sale. Granted my sales pitches were half hearted and lacking passion, but even when I tried to fake it, the buyers weren’t having it. They could tell I wasn’t really into it and weren’t interested in what I was talking about. Those days versus the days where I was chipper and high spirited are night and day.

Just reminding myself of those two seemingly obvious instances will help me remember to not underestimate how important my emotional state is. Things aren’t going my way? Better check that my mind is right first, because that could be problem numero uno.

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