Keeping Focus

The number of distractions in our increasingly digital society is scary. Everything is so accessible. I can listen to music from around the world, read books from any author and time  period, and read news to my hearts content. Not to mention living in Manhattan where there is always something going on, friends visiting, or some concert I want to go to.

With all this stuff, how the hell am I supposed to focus? It would be very easy to let a whole day slip away not really getting anything done and just sitting on the computer the whole time. (Admittedly I have done that on a Sunday before.) This doesn’t work, and can’t happen. With all the goals and ambitions I have I have to check the distractions. But at the same time strike a balance and maintain enough of a distance from work at times. Well, what the hell? What is the answer?

For me I have to turn off the distractions and make a conscious effort not to get off track. At the same time, splice in strategic breaks where I read an article on Twitter, check Facebook (and quickly regret it), etc etc. I try and set a time limit and make sure I don’t go overboard. Coincidentally, I eat so often that I usually make those breaks when I eat, which works out perfectly. If I didn’t, first off take breaks my mind would wander, but if I took too long of breaks it would be difficult to get back to what I was working on before. It is a delicate balance, that I’m constantly trying to tweak and perfect. If anyone has any tips, suggestions, or work flows that they use please share.

Now, YOU get back to what you were working on, but thanks for reading :).

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