Blog So Hard and Change

So it’s been quite a while since I last blogged and it took a #BlogSoHardChallenge to get me back to blogging. For those unfamiliar, #BlogSoHardChallenge is a thing @willwashburn and I did to try to stay consistently blogging and pump out at least one post between the two of us per day. And now this post is to kick off the month of May Blog So Hard Challenge.

A lot has changed and happened in the past 6 or so months. The main takeaway from it is how important a positive attitude is and also being adaptable to change especially unexpected change is a must. 

What kind of change?

  1. Apartment ruined due to Sandy
  2. Startup “Failure” -> will explain this in a later post and why it’s in ""
  3. Signing for an apartment then losing an apartment and almost being homeless 
  4. Looking for a job in web development
  5. Finding a job in web development
  6. Moving in with my girlfriend

Through all of this can’t stress how important it was to have a positive attitude. When things don’t go according to “plan” it is easy to get thrown off but with a positive attitude getting right back on track is a lot easier.¬†

So with that, here’s to a successful #BlogSoHardChallenge. Stay tuned…

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