Twitter Tech Snob

I’ll admit it, I’m a Twitter tech snob. Because of Twitter, I feel more informed and well versed on what’s going on. I see meme’s faster, read articles earlier, and generally feel like I’m more in the know. There have been many times I have gotten an email from a friend referencing an article that I read a week ago, or a picture that I’ve already seen. I barely go on Facebook unless I want to see things I saw on Twitter last week. 

It’s a great way to spread information, plain and simple. The great thing about Twitter is that you can build your own information network. I’m interested in tech, NBA, music, and breaking news and follow the appropriate sources. New song comes out? I’m on it. Didn’t catch the Knicks game the night before? I can read about it until my heart’s content. Because of Twitter I can stay very well informed with fairly minimal effort. I can be working, see something interesting, read it and keep on moving. 

So, thanks Twitter, I blame this on you. ALL of it. I blame you for keeping me ahead of the curve, staying informed and not laughing at jokes my friends send me because I’ve already seen it. 

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