I was messing around last night, trying to clean up my blog and accidentally deleted it. I had two blogs, was trying to make one the primary one and next thing I know I deleted the wrong one.


Granted, I had just posted about three things but still its all gone. But hey, nothing wrong with starting over. Nothing better than a clean slate. Reminds me of when I played basketball and every next game was a clean slate.

Allow me to get esoteric…

Every new day is a clean slate as well. Every day we have the potential to do something great. Doesn’t even have to be great, but just good. Even if you do something that you’ve been wanting to do - that’s great in your book. I know I try to cherish every day, because life is a gift. Today I’m going to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and that is pursue my music career. I have an appointment to go into the studio and record a song that I produced with a singer that I have been working with. 

I’m excited that will go well, but even if it didn’t I’m just excited to be “going for it.”

Alright, time for me to hit the gym and do Insanity with Sean T image

Thanks for checking my blog. 

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