Celebrating Wins Learning From Losses

Progress, its a funny thing. In your mind you know how far you have to go and you quickly forget from where you came from. Maintaining perspective is often hard when you’re heavily invested in something. In a year where I hope to make a lot of progress I am recognizing how hard it might be to actually see progress.

Therefore, 2012 I am dedicating to to celebrate my wins, and learn from my losses. While it might not be that cut and dry, I do love a good sports analogy so that’s what I’m rolling with.

  • (Wins) Winning

What wins have I experienced of late? I think I have come a ways in establishing my personal brand and have been able to connect with more people as a direct result of that.

I have learned a good deal when it comes to building things on the web and still have a long ways to go. The more I learn, the more I see how much I don’t know, but each solution unlocks another problem and that’s a process that I love. 

  • (Losses) image

I haven’t been getting enough sleep and haven’t been sticking to a regular sleep cycle. Something that I need to remind myself of is that just because I stayed up late doesn’t mean I was productive with that time. More times than not, a lot of that time is spent wasted. Calling it a night, going to bed with a fresh outlook the next day is often the best solution. 

I have been spending too much and not saving enough. This is going to be big very soon, so I need to step my game up. With Mint.com I have no excuse and need to cut back. Easier said than done.

Those were just a few but I think by recognizing wins and losses it will help me to stay on the path towards awesome. Here’s to a great year and to keep improving on keep progressing.

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